Month: February 2012

  • The Class Class as an argument in objective C++

    When you say the same word over and over it starts to become meaningless. Mix this together with metaclasses and reflection. Then take objective-C and add it to C++. You then have an objective-C @Class construct for forward declaration, the Class object, the NSObject class method, and the C++ class keyword. It was only a […]

  • std::vector size() method and gotcha with unsigned vs signed

    Guess who wins in signed vs unsigned integer conversion? I guessed wrong today, or rather, I’ve been assuming wrong for quite a while. consider this example: std::vector<SomeClass*> myVec; int countdown = -1; // … (fill the vector) if (countdown < myVec.size()) countdown++; // this will never get hit myVec.size() returns size_t, which is an unsigned […]