This is a site about sound, noise, and music, and open source development, as well as my life.
Here is some info about me:
Tech Resume (1 page, pdf). Also available in .doc
Academic CV (3 pages, pdf). Also available in .doc

Michael Chinen is based in the San Francisco bay area. He has been at Google since 2015. Before Google, he worked on audio-related open source projects such as Audacity, as well as on iOS and Android through startups Apportable and Roughsoft. He received an M.A. from Dartmouth College’s Digital Musics program, as well as a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.M. in Composition from University of Washington. He also studied at TU-Berlin Audio Communication group through a Fulbright grant and Tokyo Denki University’s Sound Media Representation Lab as a research student.

Music Bio:
Michael Chinen is based in the SF Bay Area, originally from Hawaii. He studied computer science as well as composition in Seattle (University of Washington) with Richard Karpen, Charles Dodge in New Hampshire (Dartmouth College), and sound synthesis with Naotoshi Osaka in Tokyo (Tokyo Denki University), in addition to working on program sonifications and installations in Berlin through a Fulbright grant. He is a participant in several open-source projects, including being a developer team member of Audacity. His interests involve writing software in c and c++ to find similarities between computer processes and music, using themes such as hierarchy, synchronicity, and reference.

I also do contract work involving iOS/Mac/Linux/EC2 programming through my company.

My master’s thesis uses computer music as a method to find the links between nature and computer design, and led me to work on program sonification, “Software Music” (pdf, 576kB, 83 pages)

This site has been up since 2005, and it was originally called fuckingsound.com, so sometimes the use of the word ‘fucking’ happens, but rest assured it is only used with enthusiasm in positive contexts.
I used to use the word FUCKING as a debugging marker for unique easy find markers in code, but I stopped doing this so much because I realized it is more common than I thought (thanks libav*).
Also, I used to be really into genetic algorithm based analysis synthesis, which uses simulated sexual reproduction of sound models.

The orange logo is a tardigrade (water bear,) which is a microscopic animal that can survive the vacuum of space.

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