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  • Namespacing a framework in objective-c, @compatibility_alias, and #defines

    Shakespeare said something about roses and names smelling nice, but if you’re Outkast you know that sometimes, roses really smell like poo. Additionally, if you’re a programmer, you sometimes need to get another set of better spelling roses to set the world right. Far-fetched metaphors aside, namespacing issues come up less than I would expect. […]

  • Mac Dictionary Services API Tease

    I am a big fan of It’s pretty handy for English, but what makes it really shine is that it has a zomg-amazing Japanese dict called Daijisen. What’s more, with 10.8 Apple threw in German, French, Spanish, and Chinese dictionaries as well. However, after getting used to the app, while still using it, I […]

  • Surreal Warp Nightmare – BaconGameJam 05

    BaconGameJam is one of several game jam/rapid development challenges like Ludum Dare and One Game a Month. The last jam took place over the weekend. The theme of “Lights Out” was announced friday night, and teams had 48 hours to design and implement a complete game. I signed up as a team after finding team […]

  • Cocos2D-X: Creating an iOS/android dual-platform project

    I develop iOS apps. However, the first smartphone I had was an android device. I like open-source projects and bought it over the iPhone for idealogical reasons more than anything else. As a user, the android experience was okay, although iOS clearly had the apps and the polish. But when it came down to actually […]

  • 1st year impressions of iOS game development

    I moved to Japan in June to do iOS programming and game development. Not for a company or even a contract job. I just did it because I liked Japan and could see myself working there. There are other places that I like, but in the end Japan seemed the most attractive to me. I’m […]