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  • Listen to your computer: lstn

    Lstn is another project I’ve been working on with Institute for Algorhythmics. It is a program that sonifies real-time debugging data of other programs. If you were interested in the FuckingAudacity or FuckingWebBrowser demos you’ll probably like this one. Those were sonification from the inside out, and lstn is about external sonification: We sonify opcodes, […]

  • Tatsumi Ryusui and Starcraft II and emacs

    Over the last year in Berlin I worked on five collaborative music/performance/art projects that I’ve been meaning to post. In the summer as a part of 48 Stunden Neukölln I did a collaboration with Tatsumi Ryusui (myspace). Normally Tatsumi does experimental electronics improvisation and I do computer music or sonification stuff, but we were asked […]

  • move to sourceforge

    Many of the fucking sound projects have been integrated with institute of algorhythmics and are now available through a sourceforge svn repository. This is great as users can now download current source and play with the apps. I’m aware that some users don’t know how to use svn.  So here’s a tutorial on how to […]

  • FuckingWebBrowser

    FuckingWebBrowser sonification demo from Michael Takezo Chinen on Vimeo. FuckingWebBrowser is a simple open-source WebKit based browser (for which there are hundereds of tutorials including many of annoying ones on youtube how to make in less than 2 minutes on a mac.) I added sonification, which converts the memory state into audio. The quality of […]

  • FuckingAudacity video up

    Audacity GUI performance from Michael Takezo Chinen on Vimeo. Audacity is an open source sound editor. I modified the code so that the sound playback depends upon the physical memory state of the program. Because the memory is dependent upon the user interaction, the user interface (buttons, menus, etc) as well as the structure of […]