Brilliant ideas to rip off and apply to sound.


Using a bunch of pulse driven thingamabobs Japanese have been able to write and hold letteres on the surface of water


An analysis synthesis engine that uses a similar fm noiseband synthsis technique to the one we use, we think. This paper doesn’t describe the synthesis method in detail, so we can’t be sure.

Genetic Algorithm links to papers available on the web

A. Horner, Evolving wavetable parameters with genetic algorithms
This man does a lot of stuff using GAs and wavetable synthesis. He is smart and his website has a great picture of him.

C. Magnus, Evolving waveforms
This one does not produce pleasant sounds as a result of the evolution, but it is a relatively free search.

On the possibility of using GAs for analysis/synthesis
You can do it!

P. Bentely, Heirchical Crossover
This paper describes a technique that you will think of yourself after two weeks of dillegently trying to implement a heirarchical cromosome’s crossover from scratch. Save yourself half a month and read it.

Possibly Useful

Print Friendly Equal Temperament Ratio Table
After a few frustrating seaches, we couldn’t find a clean table with nice big juicy clutter-freeziness as this one. The idea is you can hang it at on the back of your cubicle (yes, we know our readers are all in cubicles,) and still be able to read it even though computer music has been breaking your eyes along with your ears.

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