Michael Chinen Music

TreeMusic Ensemble2(2009) Ensemble of STK instruments and noise bands. 5 min mp3.

TreeSTKSax 4(2009) TreeMusic interpolation of STK sax params. 5 min mp3.

TreeMusic #2_1(2009) Newer version of tree music 6 minute mp3.

TreeMusic #1_8(2008) 5 minute mp3.
3 auto generated binary trees that interpolate 4-8 noise-band unit generators with 3 parameters (freq, amp, bandwidth). Each unit generator has its own tree, but the trees are identical up to a certain random depth. Here are three of eight trees. The source is available (but messy,) here, or ask for an updated version. It is cross platform but may need a few tweaks to run on windows/linux as I haven’t tested it recently.

Beginning Composition I(2007) 1 minute mp3, 1mb.

Beginning Composition II(2007) 3 minute mp3, 3mb.

Intermediate Composition(2007) 8 minute mp3, 8mb.
Entirely in C++

Links(2006) mp3, 6mb.
Written with analysis/synthesis of a bass sample. Premiered at IC in Kyoto and played again at SEAMUS 2009 in Fort Wayne.

Several Ideas, Allusively Refer, Edited by Another…(2004), mp3 12mb,
For solo cello, performed by Tomoki Tai at ZAIM in Yokohama. (score)

Pas De Deux(2007) mp3, 3.7mb.
Genetic algorithm dance song for Catia Coias’s photo exhibition in Portugal.

Oto no mori(soundforrest)(2006) mp3, 6mb.
A 6 minute excerpt from an installation using insect sounds and 4 photosensors.

Only This Darkness(2005) mp3, 6mb.
Voice, a little guitar and some random processes in Supercollider.

December 9(2004) 4 minute mp3, 4mb. Super Collider and LISP.

December 22(2004) 6 minute mp3, 6mb.
The first real computer music pieces I worked on. Good Ol’ Daisy Chained FM.


I wrote a tool called WiiMix that does something to sound with a wii remote. Below are some examples of live performances on some popular songs and some less poppy songs. If you own a wii remote you can download it and try it out.

More Than Words(2008) 8 mins mp3.

Music Box(2008) 6 mins mp3.

Magnaflow Catalytic Converter for DJ Johnny Fingers
(2008) 8 mins mp3.

Pressure Reducer-Relief Valve for John Arroyo’s En La Selva, mvt. III
(2008) 5 mins mp3.

Imaginary Sound.

Sound number one: Imagine the sound of a pen writing. It scratches away at the paper. But we make it less abstract now. This is a “Ball Point Pen”. Amazing things ballpoint pens. Why does it feel so scratchy even though it is a smooth ball that does naught but glide over the paper, leaving a little ink behind, you wonder. Then you think about all the ballpoint pens in the world and their scratchy scratchiness and the amount of mystery increases. If it was just one physical anomaly, this sound could be pardoned, by simply ignoring it. But they are everywhere! Eventually, someone smarter than you with enough natural science smarts to be able to prove the impossibility of the sound will do so, and in the instant of reckoning paradox, none will reckon any more and the world will a) end, b) restart, or c) consist of nothing but a trillion ball point pens, giggling in their perverted way forever and ever.

Text Recordings of Sound.

Recorded at Dartmouth College, Hallgarten Hall, in Hanover, NH. April 1, 2008.

4:45 pm, tuesday april 1 2008

I want to talk to a person. Hi my name is X X. Well I received a letter saying that my rates would be raised. I’d like to do that mhm.

fan whirring….. mmmmmmm (at 3000hz)


mhm uh yeah, beats me.

footsteps outside on the right window, windy whisps.


keyboard tapping from

ahah m. I do, bye.

snap of the finger.

a tounge click.

papers shifting, a car pulling in, the door closing, laptop keys being pressed, papers being moved, a pencil being placed onto a paper,
papers being picked up, a whispy fan outside, papers being moved and edges flicking off eachother.

computer fan, tinitus in the right ear, the chair creaking, papers flicking, wind outside, papers being flicked

footsteps walking up, slowly. a doorknob being turned, papers being shulled, keys being pressed, papers being thumbed through with lots of pressure on the thumb, a chair



can i hang out?


backpack being taken off onto a chair

unzipping of the backpack, a chair being backed up

how was Michael?

Um, good!


winds being pushed about

chair moving from behind vroom.

more whispy sounds car ddriving perhaps

papers being dropped, slapped, computer fan going, scruffy laugh, papers being moved about, a sigh. laptop keys being pressed very fast. a pen being hit. Paper being crumpled into a ball

“boop bo boop bo boop” being hummed, paper being tossed into a trashcan

“shoop” or a zipper

bags being picked up, chairs creaking, computer fan noises. finger knuckles being cracked. chairs being backed up. a wheel mmaking the clicking noise. things being put into zippers. papers being thumbed thru, whispy noises outside, chairs being lisfted up. something big being dropped down.

fidling with a small piece of plastic, the opening of something plastic, the tearing of paper. more tearing of paper, from low to ghigh shwreererep.

a pen being taken out, a keyboard clack, a bag being searched thru, something put down, a chair backs up wheels mrmrmrm. put something down drop.

move something soft. moving on the wheels on a chair, a quick sigh, a car pulling into a slot outside.

papers being shifted, lifted. looking through a bag. metalic clink like two washers hit eachother, paper sounds. paper being loosened flopping.

fast thumbing through paper, almost crumpling, plastic caps coming off click l.

wheels moving. a sigh, moving footsteps throwing a way something into the can, a muffled voice, reuerrff erfu f cadn schase jfdsh.

steps on carpet, slow, but not intense.

a low frequency.

clearing the throat, a zipper. chairs being dropped, brahbhralala good i think it was from downstairs. more wind whisps. keyboard clacking.

footsteps from below, low frequency, something being dropped, beep beep beep printer, something drops harder, a joint pops. movement on the leather couch. opening of a bag, zippers, sniffle shuffle, zipper,


zipper, lighting of match? necklace being unfurled, bag being picked up?

Hey guys i’m headed out,


hey X did you send me the track?

No i didn’t actually, sorry.

Oh it’s cool

No its on me.

someone sent me an email today and I can’t find it.

snap snap snap fingers.

chuckle from down the hall,

paper being picked up. dropping of something.

chair being creaked.

5:01 pm