Month: November 2010

  • sizeof dynamically allocated arrays in c

    The MAX(a,b) macro bug I posted last was something I had done before. Today and Yesterday I spent a good few hours running over my old mistakes. What’s a difference between: unsigned char *dynArray = malloc(500); unsigned char trueArray[500]; well, Today’s arrrrrrg is that sizeof (dynArray) is just the size of a pointer, not the […]

  • Tatsumi Ryusui and Starcraft II and emacs

    Over the last year in Berlin I worked on five collaborative music/performance/art projects that I’ve been meaning to post. In the summer as a part of 48 Stunden Neuk├Âlln I did a collaboration with Tatsumi Ryusui (myspace). Normally Tatsumi does experimental electronics improvisation and I do computer music or sonification stuff, but we were asked […]