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  • desktop streaming in linux

    There are really no good tutorials for this that I could find, so here’s a tutorial on how to get up on ubuntu. This should work with other linux distros. Before you start calculating the millions you’ll be making from ad revenue, lets first get you working with a stream. Then you can broadcast […]

  • SMB filesharing on mac (works with windows clients)

    I have an old powerbook g4 (2004,) which was my main computer until last year. Apple products are expensive but I think it was pretty worth it’s money. Now I have a Core Duo (2006) macbook and a sweet homebrew core 2 quad pc whose main purpose in life is to fix audacity bugs on […]

  • sizeof dynamically allocated arrays in c

    The MAX(a,b) macro bug I posted last was something I had done before. Today and Yesterday I spent a good few hours running over my old mistakes. What’s a difference between: unsigned char *dynArray = malloc(500); unsigned char trueArray[500]; well, Today’s arrrrrrg is that sizeof (dynArray) is just the size of a pointer, not the […]

  • Macro blues and function reentry?

    Knowing how to macro correctly is important in both the real world (starcraft) and when writing code. in c you can define useful macros like #define FFMAX(a,b) ((a) > (b) ? (a) : (b)) . The macros will be a little better than using even static inline functions because no extra memory is allocated for […]

  • Cocoa and pthreads

    If you’re building a cocoa app, don’t use pthread mutexes and pthread threads. Use NSThread and NSLock. I’ve written a few cocoa apps that use pthreads, but maybe I’ve just been lucky till now.