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  • Using ChatGPT to write a story connecting longevity biotech and mycology

    Like everyone else, I’ve been playing with ChatGPT for many different tasks. Here is a short story that I used ChatGPT to create. It seems able to do the basic request, which was to use mysticism to tie longevity biotech progress and mycology together with a metaphor in a vaguely sci-fi style.  I decided the […]

  • Longevity Book Reviews

    Longevity Book Reviews

    I’ve been increasingly interested in longevity for the past few years but not written much about it. A part of the reason is that I’ve tried to keep my finances out of this blog, and part of my interest in longevity is in investing. I want to talk about that in a future post. This […]

  • Review of The Information

    All disciplines have interesting histories that explain their development. For some reason, different studies seem to ‘value’ their history differently. Art and music students are required to study art and music history with multiple dedicated classes. Computer science and mathematics students do not have to study math or computer science history in a typical undergraduate […]

  • Noise bands from interpolating instantaneous frequency

    Frequency bands are often used in analysis or input representation, for example, in mel spectogram, there are a number of bands of differing frequency widths used to represent the signal. In synthesis, frequency bands are also used. However, synthesizing a frequency band of non zero width is usually a noisy process. The most common way […]

  • Books I Read in 2020: Stats

    I wanted to write in-depth book reviews for books that I enjoyed in 2020 at the very start of the year. Well, it’s already a month and I haven’t gotten to it. So to kickstart it, I’m just going to make the task easier and just list some of the books I read in 2020 […]