21 Oct 11

flash ios air certificate password issues

Today I had to publish an iOS app written in actionscript. There are a number of almost good guides like this one, which would be good if they just had more pictures.At first I used Flash Builder 4.5.1, which didn’t do the trick. I then used CS 5, and had everything building and running fine via the emulator. But when it came time to publish after generating the provisioning profile it just wouldn’t work. CS 5 kept saying “could not access the digital certificate. could not load keystore file (password may be incorrect)”. I recreated the .p12 file over and over and checked that I was using the distribution certificate instead of the dev one.
Eventually I thought maybe that my password was too complex, having characters like ‘!’ and ‘$’, but these are normal password chars, so I just stupidly assumed that this was not the issue. An hour later after still having no solution I changed the password to simple alphanumeric chars, and it worked. I didn’t see any google links from my searches that lead me to this fix, but I’m posting it here. This is a pretty lame bug, adobe.


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