The Class Class as an argument in objective C++

When you say the same word over and over it starts to become meaningless. Mix this together with metaclasses and reflection. Then take objective-C and add it to C++. You then have an objective-C @Class construct for forward declaration, the Class object, the NSObject class method, and the C++ class keyword. It was only a matter of time before this would drive somebody crazy and lead me to waste an hour of debugging the wrong thing.

Here is the definition of the class method in objective-C which you can include in objective C++ without warnings or errors:

- (Class)class

‘class’ doesn’t mean anything in regular c or objective-c, but my projects often involve C++ classes, so I’m usually working in .mm files.
This lowercase method name matches the C++ keyword, but is allowed by the compiler in objective-c++, presumably because the compiler looks at context to apply c keywords to.

However this is not allowed:


I spent about an hour and a half trying to figure out how to forward-declare or include the class declaration. Because this was in a class header that also had NSObject, which declares the ‘class’ method above (which uses Class as a return value), this went against my intuition but unfortunately when going into debugging mode, sometimes I (and admit it, you too!) get fixated on one path and make some very silly decisions along the way that end up preventing a breadth first approach that would get the solution faster.

I did learn some interesting things along the way. Such as, Class is a typedef pointer to a struct, which is why it is one of the only (possibly the only) objective-c object that doesn’t use an asterix when passing it around.

But the real problem was not ‘Class’. It was ‘class’. ‘class’ is a c++ keyword, as mentioned earlier, and you cannot use it for parameter names, only for method names. I should have seen this, but the ‘class’ method case through me off.

The correct solution (as NSObject also uses) is just to call your Class variable names aClass.



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