07 Apr 13

XCode: Dealing with “Could not inspect the application package” error

After setting up a new cocos2d-x project and having run successfully, after some minor changes I hit this weird error that had only a few hits in google, with no clear solution. To fix it I did the following things. I don’t know which one is the right solution.

1. There was a mostly unhelpful SO question – I tried cleaning to no avail, but the question reminded me to look in the device console (XCode Menu->Window->Organizer->IPhoneDeviceName->Console) to see what the error was. It was odd that the warning was in there:
peruse_package: App info dict loaded from "whateverMyAppBuildNameIs.app" did not have bundle identifier
So I looked in the directory that contained whateverMyAppBuildNameIs.app and think I saw that there was no info.plist. I added the info.plist to the target by clicking on it in XCode and clicking the box in “Target Memebership” on the right (Note: this is probably wrong as I had to undo this later – but it fixed the error and led me to a new one).

2. This gave me a new error that was already in SO where the selected answer did not apply – for some reason I got a “Could not launch myAppName – no such file or directory”. No idea why – I checked that the app existed at the directory. I did some combination of cleaning, deleting the app from my device and restarting xcode, and I got to the next error.

3. I then got a “XCode cannot run using the selected device – Choose a destination with a supported architecture in order to run on this device”. Okay, at least this was logical. So I added armv7 and armv7s, since I noticed these were in the target architectures but not in the valid ones (see screenshot). And then I cleaned, deleted the build dir at Users/your_usr_name/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/myappbuilddir12312314 manually, and then at some point I removed the target from info.plist (undoing step 1) and then it worked.

There’s a bunch of steps there were probably not necessary, especially since I had to redo one. As usual I’m too lazy to go through the bug again to disect it, I’m just posting this as a quick log. Please comment if you have a better clue than I do about any of the steps. It’s quite possible just the very last steps (everything in 3.) will fix it – if I had to bet money I would go with that. Putting everything in front of you in case it helps.