Android Dev Console Wallet Registration: Error 400

If you’re setting up IAP for the first time on your google dev console, you will probably need to setup google wallet for merchants.

I ran into a silly bug where I fill out the form and always got a message that read:

An error occurred {“type”:”PLATFORM_ERROR”, “payload”:”400″, “request_id”:”4EDF17245AA00.A803E4F.6DB2″}

Emailed support a couple times, turns out to be that you can’t have a P.O. box address listed as your address on this form. It would be nicer if they could just say that in an error message. Hope this saves someone a day.

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  1. Thanks for your note. I tried over and over different variations of emails, names; your hint about PO Box was perfect. Street address for primary address but CAN us PO Box for visible address to customers.

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