14 Oct 12

Fixing guake transparency with metacity slow alt-tabbing (ubuntu)

I like guake as my terminal because I can full screen and half screen prettier than the gnome terminal (I can hide the tabs too). One part that is important for prettiness is transparency. Some will say that this is just eye candy, but it helps me to monitor chatrooms while I program in full […]

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05 May 12

Use NSMutableData with NSCoder if you will move the data or die

I recently implemented dynamic loading-unloading of audio buffers so I could do real time effects/recording with unlimited lengths on my app. (The core data stuff wouldn’t cut it). It was working well, except that my save functions got all screwed up and ended up sounding all glitchy and out of order like some kind of […]

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30 Apr 12

iOS: encoding to AAC with the Extended Audio File Services gotchas

I recently implemented encoding to AAC from raw PCM in memory (as opposed to from a file) using the extended audio file services, which have their calls prefixed with ExtAudioFile*. ExtAudioFile stuff basically wraps a converter with the standard AudioFile functionality. It was a bit hard to track down the correct documentation, but it’s not […]

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21 Apr 12

SoundCloud iOS integration gotchas

Last year when I was living in Berlin I had the opportunity to visit the SoundCloud campus where Henrik Lenberg and Eric Wahlforss were nice enough to talk to me about a range of things from Audacity to how SoundCloud functions as a development team. I’ve been to quite a few coorporate campuses and a […]

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05 Mar 12

Return of the unsigned int gotcha for the unary ‘-‘ operator

I came across another unsigned int issue today. If you have an unsigned int and you negate it with the unary ‘-‘ operator, you will just get a really large unsigned integer value, and not a negative value. From my last post about unsigned int, you can’t do smallInt – unsignedInt and expect a negative […]

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