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  • Xcode: Semi-stale libraries and the simulator

    Edit: (2/8/2014) As usual, I’m an idiot – this problem was caused by having explicit linker library search path flags (e.g. -LTo/My/Old/AdMobDir) that took precedence over the new libs I added. It didn’t matter that I removed the old ones from the Xcode and git, because they were (oddly) specifying an external directory that had […]

  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN problems on android:

    I’ve been using cisco VPN on android. It works pretty well, but sometimes, I would run into an issue where DNS wouldn’t resolve while connected (e.g. fails to load in chrome and says DNS host lookup fail). This would happen and leave me out of luck for a week for that device. The internet, […]

  • pop quiz: why are my parameters zero when I pass them in with non-zero values

    This one had me stuck for a number of minutes. It’s not hard, but it got me. See if you can spot it: say you create a new class that is inited like so: @interface YoDogWhatsWrong @property (nonatomic) float aValue; @end @implementation YoDogWhatsWrong – (id)initWithAValue:(float)aFloat anotherValue:(float)someOtherValue { if ((self = [super init])) { self.aValue = […]

  • Android Dev Console Wallet Registration: Error 400

    If you’re setting up IAP for the first time on your google dev console, you will probably need to setup google wallet for merchants. I ran into a silly bug where I fill out the form and always got a message that read: An error occurred {“type”:”PLATFORM_ERROR”, “payload”:”400″, “request_id”:”4EDF17245AA00.A803E4F.6DB2″} Emailed support a couple times, turns […]

  • XCode: Dealing with “Could not inspect the application package” error

    After setting up a new cocos2d-x project and having run successfully, after some minor changes I hit this weird error that had only a few hits in google, with no clear solution. To fix it I did the following things. I don’t know which one is the right solution. 1. There was a mostly unhelpful […]