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  • Square Wave: busting your mind, not your speakers

    I’ve before puzzled over what it would take to create an extended wave that looks like DC offset or low frequency square wave (not an actual impossible square wave with infinite harmonics, but just one that mostly looks squarish.)  This is a case where the input signal and the speaker cone(s) movement and the resulting […]

  • Open Source Mac Screen Recorder

    I’ve been doing more GUI based music stuff.  This is partially a response to the fact that I usually don’t enjoy performing tape music live.  Don’t get me wrong, I can enjoy a concert of tape music.  Most of my music is fixed media.  I’m not talking about seeing virtuosity or even expressing emotion.  But […]

  • Transition Details

    Just moved to wordpress.  The old website pages still exist. But they will take you out of the main page. The only one I’m not porting over is the dev blog, because its too long: I’m being lazy and just posting the html here: Development Log. Saturday, December 13, 2008 Just in time for the […]