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  • iOS: encoding to AAC with the Extended Audio File Services gotchas

    I recently implemented encoding to AAC from raw PCM in memory (as opposed to from a file) using the extended audio file services, which have their calls prefixed with ExtAudioFile*. ExtAudioFile stuff basically wraps a converter with the standard AudioFile functionality. It was a bit hard to track down the correct documentation, but it’s not […]

  • Asia Computer Music Project

    This conference, organized by the Asia Computer Music Project, which has the aim to bring the communities of computer music from Asian countries, was held on Dec 16-18, 2010, making this post exactly a month tardy. The conference was held by Tokyo Denki University, organized by Naotoshi Osaka, under whom I studied in 2006. I […]

  • Berlin Japanese Music in Review

    After almost exactly two years, I’m moving out of Berlin, back to Hawaii before my probable return to Japan. When I first got here I didn’t know a single person. I came here expecting to work at my academic affiliation, but perhaps because of the school’s financial problems or the change in management upon my […]

  • Linux Audio Conference 2011

    I did a performance a few weeks ago at the Linux Audio Conference in Maynooth, Ireland. I had no idea that the cars run their like in Japan – on the left side. I guess this is the urban equivalent of galapagos island evolutionary theory. The performance was done as a 4 hour long installation […]

  • Workshop and Concert in the Netherlands

    Last month I did a concert in Den Haag at Loos Foundation. This was part of a series organized by Marie Guileray. Last year I did a concert there as a part of the Wonderwerp series, and the energy there was amazing, giving me one of the best memories I have of a performance. (I […]